“Every Exit up I-80” a Series

Every Exit up Interstate 80 – Dutch Flat, a ghost story

My Wife and I moved to Grass Valley in 2011.  Up until then the only thing I knew about Grass Valley was that it was two words on the signs on Interstate 80. Since the move, I have had a quest to venture off of every exit on I-80,  east of Colfax. With a little help from my wife,  kicking me out of the house for the day, I started out on my adventure.

This is the beginning of a three, or four, or more part series. I did not take photos at every exit, or from every exits area, as it just was not that interesting. I am surprised so far with what I have found.

Today’s installment I leave Colfax heading east. I only get as far as the Alta exit as I spent most of the day in Dutch Flat, (In my head I am sounding just like good ole Huell Howser).

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Road Trip to a Smokey Yosemite

Road Trip to a Smokey Yosemite – Gold Country Photography

We took a quick little one day trip to Yosemite last Sunday. There were two things we did not think about, the wildfire smoke and the huge crowds. Well, we made the most of each. Instead of taking photos at the usual spots we decided to pull into those small two car turnouts around the loop and take shots from around the Merced river. Even with the crowds and all of the smoke it was a good day 😉




All photos property of Gold Country Photography 2017

Award Winning Photography

Arlene and I are both humbly grateful for receiving a blue ribbon each for our entries into the Nevada County Fair photo exhibit. Arlene received hers for her “Three Goats on a Boulder” photo in the Domestic Animals Class and I received mine for my “Donkey Racing” photo in the Draft Horse Classic Division, I was also awarded “Best of Division”.

It was the first time either of us had entered anything into a County fair. We are proud to have just been a part of this wonderful fair at one of the most beautiful fairgrounds in our State.



People in your landscape shots give it perspective. If you are having trouble finding people to be in your landscape shots do what we did, pull into the tunnel view parking lot in Yosemite right behind the Yosemite Shuttle 😉