I Love the Sierra Facebook Group

I posted this photo on Monday and just captioned it with “Mondays”. For some reason it’s a hit with the group. I Love the Sierra Facebook group is a great place for photography of both sides of the Sierra Nevada plus some secret spots. www.facebook.com/groups/ilovethesierra/

Arlene took this a year or so ago when a California Grey Fox decided it was a good place to sleep. The tree limb is actually about ten feet off of the ground but it’s also twenty feet down the hill so from where we stand (about 25ft away) it’s almost level.

Tahoe for Lunch

One of the nice things about living in the Grass Valley area is that Lake Tahoe is only 75 minutes away.

“Where do you want to go for lunch?”, “oh I don’t know,…Tahoe?”

It’s a different kind of commute going up Interstate 80 on a weekday. You will always have the cars in an ultra hurry in the left lane but now you have to add in  super heavy trucks doing 20mph in the right lane. Still, the beauty of the Sierra Nevada supersedes it.

“Okay Lake Tahoe but where in Lake Tahoe?” is the next question. Normally our first choice is the deck at Sunnyside Lodge but we are just a few days early as, calling ahead, we find out that the deck will not be open until next Saturday.

“How about a sandwich place?”, “Where’s that at?”

Just two miles from Tahoe City is a place I had heard about and gets really good reviews, 
West Shore Market.

They make specialty sandwiches, have indoor and outdoor seating and access to the Lake! Can’t beat that!

We had our sandwiches, (Arlene had the Italian and I had the Roast Beef) and we enjoyed them outside. We then headed to the Lake to take a few photos. Continue reading “Tahoe for Lunch”

“Every Exit up I-80” part II – Gold Run/Alta-Bonnynook

Gold Country Photography

In our initial episode Every Exit up I-80, issue one I left Colfax heading east and only made it as far as Dutch Flat but I had a great time there.

In this episode, I start the journey at Exit 143 Gold Run, went up to Exit 146 Alta Bonnynook Rd. and ended at Exit 148b Baxter.

So, let’s get started.

Heading east on Interstate 80 you often miss Exit 143 Gold Run, (especially if you are driving up from the Bay Area) because just past the Gold Run exit is the first “Rest Stop” on your way up the grade but I do not need the rest stop, at least not yet.

(the photo above is coming back west as I forgot to take this pic on the way up)

Stopping at the end of the exit, I see a uniquely old styled building off to the right.  Turns out to be a sports bar and grill  Mountain Springs Hitch n Post

As I am taking this shot, I look back across the road to see the Gold Run historical marker almost hidden behind a cyclone fence next to the freeway. Continue reading ““Every Exit up I-80” part II – Gold Run/Alta-Bonnynook”